Rodney and Carolyn Hogg

Rodney and Carolyn purchased a small farm in South Otago in 1973 and created their first garden from a calf paddock around the house. They developed a swimming pool, tennis court, rockery garden and planted hundreds of trees providing shelter and screening.

In 1981 they brought a 8 ½ acre property in Central Otago. Carolyn imported seed from around the world and grew a large range of plants for their first nursery, which soon diversified into trees and landscaping.

The extensive garden she created there bacame part of a local garden tour and Carolyn and Rodney's reputation grew steadily as accomplished nursery owners, growers and creators of unique gardens.

Rodneys landscaping featured water in the form of streams, waterfalls, ponds and lakes and the use of local rocks. But trees were always the main focus. Rodnay has always believed that the right tree in the right position can be a wonderful asset for a property, where as the wrong tree can be a liability.

They have also created two forestry blocks, planting over 100,000 trees that were all grown from seed by Carolyn and planted by Rodney and his son.

In the late 90's they moved to Dunedin and have continued to broaden their tree knowledge and range, adapting to the coastal climate. They have increased their involvement in forestry work and logging, while still creating natural landscapes with garden design and landscaping.

With forty years experience in working to create natural environments through growing, planting trees and landscaping, Rodney and Carolyn can give expert advice for any gardner to continue to enhance the environment we live in.