Trees for sale


All our trees are Price on Application (POA). The reason for this is our stock varies is size from small to large mature trees. When you select a tree from our catalogue below and submit this we will contact you personally to advise thesize and prices of trees we have available in the variety you have requested. Plus we can provide prices for freight anywhere in New Zealand.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these trees simply complete the form below including the trees common name and send to us.

Image Botanical Name Common Name Description Max
  ABIES Colarado White Fir Concolor: Colorado white fir, blue green colour, cones cylindrical 10m Ev -25 Most
  ABIES Giant Fir Grandis: Giant fir. Fast growing. Good shade tree 8m Ev -20 Average
  ABIES Spanish Fir Pinsapo: Spanish fir, slow pyramidal form 4m Ev -20 Average
  CEDRUS Blue Cedar Alantica Glauca: Blue cedar. Rich blue needles 7m Ev -25 Average
  CEDRUS Himalayan Cedar Deodara: Himalayan cedar. Blue grey foliage 8m Ev -22 Most
  CHAMAECYPARIS Law Columnaris Glauca Narrow pillar- like Rich Glaucus Blue 2.5m Ev -25 Average
  CHAMAECYPARIS Laws Fletcherii Medium conical shaped conifer. Green 4m Ev -25 Average
  CHAMAECYPARIS Grayswood Feather Narrow upright, blue grey, striking form, fast 3m Ev -25 Most
  CHAMAECYPARIS Wallis Gold Rich golden and green, upright, bushy 3m Ev -25 Average
  CHAMAECYPARIS Yellow Transparent Glowing yellow to lime green foliage, dense and attractive. 3.5m Ev -25 Average
  CHAMAECYPARIS Fernspray Gold Bright yellow, ferny, some lime green, shade 2.5m Ev -12 Average
  CHAMAECYPARIS Obtusa Nana Miniture conifer, Tiered. Ideal for bonsai 60cm Ev -25 Average
  CRYPTOMERIA Japanese Cedar Japonica: Bronze in winter, green new growth. fast timber tree. 11m Ev -25 Average
  CUPRESSOCYPARIS Leyland Cypress Castlewellan Gold: Golden yellow, salt wind tolerant. 5m Ev -20 Any
  CUPRESSOCYPARIS Leightons Green Deep green macrocarpa like foliage, good screen 7m Ev -25 Average
  CUPRESSUS Arizonica Blue grey fine foliaage, pyramidical 7m Ev -20 Poor
  CUPRESSUS Macrocarpa Best shelter for hard sites, fast, reliable, wind hardy. 15m Ev -20 Poor
  CUPRESSUS Totum Dark green Italian Cypress, fast, narrow, upright 3m Ev -20 Good
  GINKGO Maidenhair Biloba: Maidenhair leaf, rich gold in Autumn 7m Dec -15 Fertile
  GINKGO Maidenhair Jade Butterflies: Semi-dwarf form. Compact 3m Dec -15 Fertile
  GINKGO Maidenhair Ming Princess: Outstanding miniture gingko 2m Dec -15 Fertile
  JUNIPERUS Juniper Sky Rocket: Steel blue, narrow, upright 3m Ev -18 Average
  LARIX European Larch Decidua Pendula: Weeping larch graceful, golden in autumn 5m Dec -25 Moist
  LARIX Japanese Larch Kaempferi: Snake bark, tolerates snow 10m Dec -25 Average
  METASEQUOIA Dawn Redwood Glyptostroboides: Fine needle like foliage, apple green, orange in autumn 12m Dec -18 Average
  PICEA Blue Colorado spruce Glauca: Pyramidal, hardy, slow. 3m Ev -25 Average
  PICEA West Himalayan Spruce Smithiana: Beautiful, slightly weeping 6m Ev -25 Average
  PINUS Big Cone Pine Coulteri: Light green, attractive, long needles. 7m Ev -25 Average
  PINUS Mountain Pine Mugo: Bushy habit. Nice habit- cones 1.5m Ev -25 Average
  PINUS Mexican weeping pine Patula: Very fast, drooping needles. 7m Ev -18 Average
  PINUS Radiata Quality timber, fast growth. 20m Ev -22 Poor
  PINUS Northern Birch Pine Rigida: Cones in clusters. Attractive 6m Ev -25 Average
  PSEUDOTSUGA Oregon Menziesii: Dark green, very fast good drainage. 12m Ev -22 Good
  SEQUOIA Wellingtonia Giganteum: Green/blue foliage. Grows huge. 20m Ev -25 Good
  SEQUOIA Californian Redwood Sempervirens: Tall, specimen tree, needs space. Redwood. 20m Ev -20 Good
  TAXODIUM Ascendens Bright green foliage. Rich brown in Autumn 6m Dec -14 Wet
  TAXODIUM Distichum Ferny apple green foliage, rich golden brown in Autumn 7m Dec -14 Wet
  TAXUS English Yew Baccata Fastigiata: Very erect, narrow, stiff, black green foliage. 6m Ev -25 Good
  TAXUS Golden Yew Baccata Fast Aurea: Compact conifer 3m Ev -25 Good
  TAXUS Dovastonia Wide spreading Yew. Elegaant 4m Ev -25 Good
  THUJA Caespitosa Globe formation- compact 1m Ev -20 Good
  THUJA Filiformis Prefers damp, weeping growth, thread like. 2m Ev -20 Good
  THUJA Old Gold Scintillating golden yellow orange, cinnamon stems. 4m Ev -25 Average
  THUJA Western Red Cedar Plicata: Dark green foliage, fan like. 7m Ev -25 Average
  THUJA Plicata Can Can Gold tips on new growth, dark green fan foliage 4m Ev -25 Average
  THUJA Pyramidalis Very popular narrow, upright, good screen hedge 4m Ev -25 Average
  THUJA Spiralis Spiral formation. Attractive conifer 4m Ev -25 Average
  TSUGA Canadensis Pendula Weeping, soft lime green, dwarf, handy. 1.5m Ev -20 Average
  TSUGA Hetero Phylla Ferny like foliage, fast, broad, tall, spreading branches 14m Ev -20 Average