Trees for sale


All our trees are Price on Application (POA). The reason for this is our stock varies is size from small to large mature trees. When you select a tree from our catalogue below and submit this we will contact you personally to advise thesize and prices of trees we have available in the variety you have requested. Plus we can provide prices for freight anywhere in New Zealand.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these trees simply complete the form below including the trees common name and send to us.

Image Botanical Name Common Name Description Max
  AGATHIS Kauri Australis: Bronze green leathery foliage, slender, upright 6m Ev -6 Average
  ALECTRYON Titoki Excelsus: 6m Ev -4 Good
  ARISTOTELIA SERRATA Wineberry Small tree. Berries attract birds 6m Ev -2 Average
  COPROSMA Acerosa Compact spreading shrub. Tangled branches. 2m Ev -10 Dry
  COPROSMA Chathamica Tall small leaved tree 4m Ev -1 Good
  COPROSMA Crassifolia Dark-green leaves. Attracts birds 4m Ev -10 Dry
  COPROSMA Propingqua Tough tree with interlaced foliage 4m Ev -4 Average
  COPROSMA Robusta Bright orange seeds- attracts birds 5m Ev -4 Average
  COPROSMA Rotundifolia Upright shrub- interlaced branches 4m Ev -4 Average
  COPROSMA 'Roys Red' Red rimmed glossy leaves. Good hedge 2m Ev -4 Average
  COPROSMA Rugosa Compact upright shrub. Branches interlaced 3m Ev -4 Average
  COPROSMA Virescens Mottled bark. White berries 3m Ev -4 Average
  CORDYLINE Cabbage Tree Australis: Rich green sword like leaves arching, palm like 6m Ev -12 Average
  COROKIA Bronze King Dark foliage Make good hedge 2m Ev -4 Average
  COROKIA Cotoneaster Ornamental shrub. Silver foliage 3m Ev -10 Average
  COROKIA Geentys Green Light green leaves. Good hedgeing plant 1m Ev -4 Average
  CORTADERIA S.I Toi Toi Richardii: Compact. Plumes in summer. 1m Ev -4 Average
  DACRYDIUM Rimu Cupressinum: Graceful pendulus branches 3m Ev 0 Average
  DODONEA Purpurea Purple leaf version, fast, bushy, can be trimmed. 3m Ev -10 Average
  DODONEA Viscosa Fast, wind screen or privacy, hardy, suits coastal site 3m Ev -10 Average
  GRISELINA Littoralis Hardy, shiny green leaf 3m Ev -14 Average
  HEBE Albicans Grey foliage. White flowers in summer 5m Ev -4 Average
  HEBE Boulder Lake          
  HEBE Buxifolia          
  HEBE Diosmifolia          
  HEBE McEwanii          
  HEBE Rakaiensis          
  HEBE Snowdrift          
  HEBE Topairia          
  HEBE Wiri Mist          
  HOHERIA Lyallii Fast hardy shelter, white flowers in January 3.5m Ev -12 Average
  HOHERIA Populnea Purple underleaf, fast, bushy, white flowers 6m Ev -12 Most
  LIBOCEDRUS NZ Mountain Cedar Bidwillii: Slow arwaina 4m Ev -4 Average
  METROSIDERUS Pohutukawa Excelsa: Outstanding tree. Attracts birds 5m Ev -1 Average
  METROSIDERUS Southern Rata Umbellata: Slow growing. Red flowers. 3m Ev -1 Average
  MYOPORUM Ngaio Laetum: Fast growing tree. Coastal good. 5m Ev -1 Average
  NOTHOFAGUS NZ Mountain Beech Cliffortiodes: Curled edged leaves, fast, elegant 5m Ev
-16 Average
  NOTHOFAGUS Red Beech Fusca: Rounded leaves turn copper in Autumn 5m Ev -14 Average
  NOTHOFAGUS Silver Beech Menziesii: Graceful long dark green double leaf 5m Ev -16 Average
  NOTHOFAGUS Black Beech Solandrii: Tall, slender, fan like, small leaf. 6m Ev -16 Average
  OLEARIA Panniculata Wavy apple green foliage, good hedge plants. 3m Ev -8 Any
  PITTOSPORUM Lemanwood Eugenoideas: Crinkled leaves. Fast and hardy. 5m Ev -10 Average
  PITTOSPORUM Ralphi Bigger leaf, hardy, bushy 4m Ev -10 Average
  PITTOSPORUM Stephens Island Compact bushy, slow growth 2m Ev -12 Average
  PITTOSPORUM Tenuifolium Hardy form, green wavy leaves, rapid screen. 4m Ev -12 Average
  PITTOSPORUM Ten. Colensoi Large flat leaves 4m Ev -4 Average
  PITTOSPORUM Ten. Wrinkled Blue Silver-green leaves 3m Ev -4 Average
  PLAGIANTHUS Betulinus Graceful, slender, fast growth, small white flowers. 4m Ev -14 Poor
  PODOCARPUS Totara Dull bronze narrow leaves, tall, slow growth, hardy. 6m Ev -14 Average
  SOPHORA Gnome Dwarf Kowhai, muonding habit, small yellow flowers 1.5m Ev -10 Good
  SOPHORA Microphylla South Island Kowhai, small leaf, mass of yellow flowers 3m Ev -12 Average
  SOPHORA Tetraptera Larger leaves, earlier flowing with bright gold flowers in mass 4.5m Ev -8 Good