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Ornamental Trees

All our trees are Price on Application (POA). The reason for this is our stock varies is size from small to large mature trees. When you select a tree from our catalogue below and submit this we will contact you personally to advise thesize and prices of trees we have available in the variety you have requested. Plus we can provide prices for freight anywhere in New Zealand.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these trees simply complete the form below including the trees common name and send to us.

Image Botanical Name Common Name Description Max
  ACACIA Wattle Baileyana: Silver blue foilage, pendulous, gold fluffy bloom 6m Ev -13 Average
  ACACIA Wattle Baileyana Purpurea: Purple new growth, yellow flowers 5m Ev -12 Average
  ACACIA Wattle Dealbata: Ferny foliage, fast, fragrant flower 4m Ev -13 Moist
  ACACIA Wattle Pravissima: Fast, tolerates wet or dry, drooping branches 3m Ev -14 Wet
  ACER Maple Capiilipes: Young growth coral red, snake bark 5m Dec -12 Good
  ACER Maple Griseum: Crimson red, autumn, peeling cinnamon bark 10m Dec -12 Good
  ACER Maple Negundo: Box Elder, fast, hardy, shelter, apple green, turns yellows 10m Dec -20 Any
  ACER Maple Neg. Violaceum: Long pink tassles in spring, droop stunning 6m Dec -15 Average
  ACER Japanese Maple Palmatum: Spring growth glowing red. 4m Dec -17 Good
  ACER Maple Beni Otake: Deeply dissected. Deep burgundy wine. 2.5m Dec -15 Average
  ACER Maple Palm. "Blood Good": Deepest red-purple, fiery red, autumn. 4m Dec -12 Fertile
  ACER Maple Palm. Burgundy Lace: Deeply divided leaf, deep burgundy wine. 3m Dec -12 Fertile
  ACER Maple Palm. Diss. Crimson Queen: H/W Weeping, deep red, purple summer, autumn scarlet 1.5m Dec -14 Average
  ACER Maple Palm. Diss Orangeola: Reddish bronze new growth. Rich green summer. 1m Dec -15 Fertile
  ACER Maple Tamukeyama: H/W Weeping. Deep reddish purple. 1.5m Dec -14 Fertile
  ACER Maple Palm. Diss Virdis: H/W Soft green weeping turns gold. 2m Dec -10 Fertile
  ACER Maple Palmatum Elegans: Deep red leaves. Small spreading tree. 2m Dec -10 Fertile
  ACER Maple Palm. Fireglow: Purple red intense, scarlet crimson Autumn 3.5m Dec -10 Fertile
  ACER Maple Palm. Red Emperor: Plum red, dissected foliage 3m Dec -15 Fertile
  ACER Maple Palm. Roseo Marginatum: Green leaves with white margins. Vivid rose in Autumn. 2m Dec -15 Fertile
  ACER Maple Palm. Scolopendrifolium: Bronze new growth. Gold and orange autumn colour. 2.5m Dec -15 Fertile
  ACER Maple Palm. Sendaki: Red stemmed, orange red in Autumn. 3m Dec -10 Good
  ACER Maple Palm. Seiryu: H/W Lace leaf maple green dissected leaves 3m Dec -15 Fertile
  ACER Maple Palmatum Shindejo: Flame pink in spring, shelter, dwf, rich Autumn 1.3m Dec -10 Fertile
  ACER Maple Palm. Suminagashi: Spring, bright purple to deep maroon, upright. 4m Dec -12 Fertile
  ACER Norway Maple Platanoides: Huge 5 lobd leaf, hardy. 9m Dec -20 Moist
  ACER Maple Platanoides Nigra: Deep furrowed bark dark green, turns yellow. 6m Dec -13 Most
  ACER Sycamore Pseuodplatanus: Hardy, fast shelter, tolerates poor soil. 12m Dec -24 Poor
  ACER Maple Pseud. Brilliantissimum: Shrimp pink, spring, then cream, green tinge. 4m Dec -12 Fertile
  ACER Canadian Maple Rubrum: Fast, hardy, red in Autumn. 8m Dec -20 Good
  ACER Sugar Maple Saccharum: Maple syrup production, rich autumn colour. 10m Dec -18 Good
  AESCULUS Horse Chestnut Carnea: Pink horse chestnut, slow, deep pink fl, Nov. 7m Dec -14 Moist
  AESCULUS Horse Chestnut Hippocastanum: Stately round headed conical fl, brown colour conker nut. 7m Dec -20 Good
  AESCULUS Horse Chestnut Indica: Indian chestnut, pink cone fl, long leaves. 5m Dec -15 Good
  ALBIZIA Silk Tree Jul. Rosea: Ferny foliage, pink fl like silk, umbrella shade, shade tree. 5m Dec -14 Fertile
  ALNUS Alder Cordata: Italian alder, fast, green glossy leaf, shelter tree, hardy. 7m Dec -20 Moist
  ALNUS Alder Glutinosa: Shelter or fast screens, catkins spring, hardy. 8m Dec -24 Wet
  ALNUS Alder Imparalis: Finely cut leaves, maple like, hardy. 5m Dec -14 Moist
  ALNUS Alder Jorullensis: Mexican alder, tolerates dry. 5m Ev -12 Good
  AMALANCHIER Shad Bush Canadensis: Lacy white fl, brilliant autumn colour. 4m Dec -20 Average
  ARAUCARIA Monkey Puzzle Araucana: Prickly, slow, dense, green. 8m Dec -20 Average
  ARBUTUS Irish strawberry tree Undeo: White fl, red fruit. 5m Ev -10 Average
  AZALEA   Mollis: Massed flowers, pastel colours. 1.5m Ev -18 Average
  AZARA Vanilla Tree Lanceolata: Arching, fragrant yellow fl, mauve berries. 4.5m Dec -8 Good
  AZARA Vanilla Tree Microphylla: Small shiny leaves, fragrant yellow fl. 4.5m Ev -15 Good
  BAMBUSA   Metaki: Clump forming, broad leaf, fast, bushy. 3m Ev -8 Average
  BETULA Swedish birch Emanii: Asia, trunk pinkish white, branches orange brown. 12m Dec -20 Moist
  BETULA Paper birch Papyrifera: White papery bark, yellow in autumn. 9m Dec -20 Moist
  BETULA Silver birch Pendula: White shaded trunk, versatile, gold in autumn. 8m Dec -20 Moist
  BETULA Birch Pendula Dalecartica: Graceful cut leaves 8m Ev -18 Moist
  BETULA Birch Platyphylla Japonica: Bigger broad leaf, beautiful white bark, Japanese. 8m Dec -20 Moist
  BETULA Purple leaf birch Purple Splendour: Purple leaf birch, needs shelter, black stems, white trunk. 6m Dec -18 Moist
  BETULA Weeping birch Youngii: Stem rich brown, bushy 4m Dec -20 Moist
  BUXUS English Box Sempervirens: Ideal hedege or pot, apple green, neat. 1m Ev -15 Moist
  CAMELLIA   Assortod: White, pink, crinson, red flowers 2-4m Ev -8 Acid
  CARPINUS Hombeam Betulus: Resembles beech, ovate serrate ribbed leaves, Europe. 5m Dec -22 Most
  CATALPA Indian Bean Binoides: Huge leaves, fl Feb, marked yellow and purple 8m Dec -12 Drainage
  CELTIS Nettle Tree Australis: Elm like, broad leaves rough to touch. 9m Dec -10 Fertile
  CERCIS Judas Tree Forest Pansy: Young leaf red turning deepest purple, pink pea blossom 3m Dec -12 Good
  CHOISYA Mexican Orange Blossom Ternata: Useful evergreen white spring- fragrant 1.5m Ev -14 Average
  CORNUS Dogwood Capitata: Sulphur yellow bracts, edible fruit, yellow autumn. 5m Ev -16 Fertile
  CORNUS Giant Dogwood Contraversa: Branches spread in tiers 10m Dec -16 Good
  CORNUS Wedding Cake Tier Contraversa Varigata: Horizontal branching silver varigration 3m Dec -16 Good
  CORNUS Dogwood Eddie's White Wonder: Large white fls spring. Scarlet autumn leaves 5m Dec -16 Good
  CORNUS Dogwood Fl. Cherokee Chief: Red flowing dogwood. Scarlet leaves autumn 3m Dec -16 Good
  CORNUS Dogwood Florida: North American, white fl, rich autumn colour 3.5m Dec -16 Good
  CORNUS Dogwood Fl Rainbow: White Spring fls, Deep purple and pink autumn leaves. 2.5m Dec -16 Good
  CORNUS Dogwood Florida Stokes: Pink: Rich Pink flowers, autumn colours. 5m Dec -16 Good
  CORNUS Dogwood Kousa Chinensis: White fl, rich bronze crimson in autumn. 8m Dec -16 Good
  CORNUS Dogwood Kousa Satomi: Salmon red starlike blooms, purple autumn tone. 4m Dec -16 Good
  CORNUS Dogwood Mas: Small yellow fl, cherry like fruit, leaves purple autumn. 6m Dec -16 Good
  CORNUS Dogwood Nuttalii: Largest white dogwood fl, yellow red autumn leaf. 5m Dec -16 Fertile
  CORYLUS Hazel A. Contorta: Harry lauder, twisted stems. 2m Dec -20 Most
  CORYLOPSIS Winter Hazel Spicata: Highly scented bright yellow fls. 1.5m Dec -16 Good
  COTINUS Smoke Bush Coggygria: Fuzzy purple flower puffs, orange red leaf autumn 3m Dec -20 Average
  COTINUS Smoke Bush Cogg. Purpureia: Wine purple foliage, red flowers, red leaf autumn 2.5m Dec -20 Average
  CRATAEGUS Hawthorn Hevigata 'Plena': White hawthorn and bemes in autumn. 6m Dec -20 Average
  DRIMYS   Winten: Ivory White Fragrant fls deep green leaves 1.5m Dec -10 Average
  EUCALYPTUS Australian Gum Delegatensis: Alpine ash, hardy, timber tress, banana leaf shape 50m Ev -20 Any
  EUCALYPTUS Australian Gum Ficifolia: Red flowering gum. Glossy leaves. 7m Ev -9 Any
  EUCALYPTUS Australian Gum Gunnii: Hardiest, blue grey leaf, good shelter, fast. 25m Ev -20 Any
  EUCALYPTUS Australian Gum Johnstoni: Small green leaves- fast. 15m Ev -16 Any
  EUCALYPTUS Australian Gum Nicholli: Bushy weeping branches, narrow leaf, small white fl 10m Ev -16 Any
  EUCALYPTUS Australian Gum Nitens: Shining gum, long leaf, tall, very fast, proven shelter. 30m Ev -17 Any
  EUONYMUS Spindleberry Europaeus: Bushy, masses of metallic pink berries, orange leaf autumn. 3m Dec -20 Any
  FAGUS Beech Pendala: Purple weeping variety, graceful, hardy. 5m Dec -20 Fertile
  FAGUS Beech Purpurea: Deep purple copper beech, broad, good contrast. 10m Dec -20 Fertile
  FAGUS Beech Riversii: Larger leaf deeper, red coppery black. 10m Dec -20 Fertile
  FAGUS English Beech Sylvatica: Golden copper in autumn, spreading. 14m Dec -20 Fertile
  FRAXINUS Ash Excelsior: Common ash, large wide rounded head, green leaf. 15m Dec -12 Good
  FRAXINUS Ash Exc. Aur. Pendula: Weeping golden ash, ascending branches, bare trunk. 4m Dec -12 Good
  FRAXINUS Ash Excelsior Jaspidea: Golden ash, lime yellow leaves, branches curve gracefully. 6m Dec -12 Good
  FRAXINUS Ash Latifolia: Oregon ash, fast, large leaves, N. America. 12m Dec -12 Good
  FRAXINUS Ash Omus: Manna ash, mass of cream fl tuffs Nov, fragrant, hardy. 4m Dec -12 Good
  FRAXINUS Ash Raywoodii: Claret ash, ribbon leaf, bushy form, fast. 8m Dec -12 Good
  FRAXINUS Ash Velutina: Arizona ash, velvety leaves and shoots, 3-7 leaflets. 12m Dec -12 Good
  GLEDITSIA Honey Locust Ruby Lace: Purplish young growth turns green purple copper, hardy. 7m Dec -10 Average
  GLEDITSIA Honey Locust Tricanthos Emerald: Fine divided deep green, graceful, weeping, turns gold. 4m Dec -10 Average
  GLEDITSIA Honey Locust Tricanthos Inermis: Frond like leaf, brown seed pod, green, turns gold. 1m Dec -15 Most
  GLEDITSIA Honey Locust Tricanthos Skyline: Pyramidal form, fine green foliage, excellent shade. 6m Dec -10 Average
  GLEDITSIA Honey Locust Tricanthos Sunburst: Lacy feathery foliage, golden yellow all season, fast. 6m Dec -10 Average
  HAMAMELIS Witch Hazel Mollis: Fragrant gold fl, aug before leaf. 3m Dec -16 Average
  JUGLANS Black Wahurt Nigra: Quality walnut timber. 20m Dec -15 Good
  KOELREUTERIA Golden Rain Tree Paniculata: Brilliant gold in Aut, yellow fl, then chinese lanterns. 7m Dec -20 Average
  LABURNUM   Anagyroides: 25cm long golden flowers, silky young leaves. 4m Dec -20 Good
  LABURNUM   Vossii: 60cm r of golden yellow fls. 4m Dec -20 Good
  LAURUS Bay Tree Nobilis: Hardy compact, leathery, aromatic culinary leaf. 4m Ev -18 Good
  LIQUIDAMBER Sweet Gum Burgundy: Rich red and purple in Autumn, Large leaves 5m Dec -20 Good
  LIQUIDAMBER   Lane Roberts: Rich black crimson, red in Autumn, pyramidal 5m Dec -20 Good
  LIQUIDAMBER   Richard: Narrow leaves, yellow, orange, scarlet in Autumn 8m Dec -20 Good
  LIQUIDAMBER   Worplesdon: Yellow, orange, scarlet in Autumn, fast growth 8m Dec -20 Good
  LIQUIDAMBER   Styraciflua: USA - 5 fingered leaf, orange yellow in Autumn 7m Dec -20 Good
  LIRIDENDRON Tulip Tree Tulipfera: Like a cut maple leaf, tulip like flowers, greenish yellow orange. 10m Dec -20 Good
  LONICERA Box Honeysuckle Nitida: Great for hedging. Trim as necessary. 1.5m Ev -15 Average
  MAYTENIS Mayten Tree Boaria: Graceful evergreen tree- shiny leaves. 6m Ev -15 Average
  MAGNOLIA   Campbellii: Large fragrant pink cups, Sept, large leaf. 20m Dec -20 Good
  MAGNOLIA   Denudata: Pure white fls. 3m Dec -15 Fertile

Grandiflora Ferruginea: Huge creamy fl, intense fragrance.

8m Ev -15 Fertile
  MAGNOLIA   Heaven Scent: Lavender pink upright fl, fragrant. 5m Dec -20 Good
  MAGNOLIA   Iolanther: Large pink fls, opening from furry buds. 10m Dec -15 Fertile
  MAGNOLIA   Koban Dori: Golden yellow flowers, compact tree. 3m Dec -15 Fertile
  MAGNOLIA   Kobus: White slightly fragrant, Oct, very hardy. 5m Dec -20 Good
  MAGNOLIA   Little Gem: Dwarf magnolia.   Ev -12 Fertile
  MAGNOLIA   San Jose: Rich purplish red fls in profusion. 6m Dec -15 Fertile
  MAGNOLIA   Sieboldii: Fragrant white cup shaped, crimson stamen. 3m Dec -22 Good
  MAGNOLIA   Red As: Red cup shaped fls. 3m Dec -15 Fertile
  MALUS Crab Apple Ballerina: Frilly double pink, red fruit, red bud. 3m Dec -22 Average
  MALUS Crab Apple Echtermeyer: Weeping form, purplish leaves, crimson fl. 2.5m Dec -22 Average
  MALUS Crab Apple Floribunda: Pale pink. Red and yellow fruit. Graceful tree. 3m Dec -22 Average
  MALUS Crab Apple Gorgeous: Single white fls crimson fruits. 4m Dec -20 Average
  MALUS Crab Apple Ioensis Plena: Large double soft pink blossoms, green/yellow fruit. 3m Dec -20 Average
  MALUS Crab Apple Jack Humm: Single white large red fruit, not eaten by birds. 3m Dec -22 Average
  MALUS Crab Apple Profusion: Deep pink blossom deep red fruits. 4m Dec -22 Average
  MALUS Crab Apple Red Jade: Weeping form, red bud, white blossom, red fruit. 3m Dec -22 Average
  MALUS Crab Apple Snowbright: Pure white blossom. Red fruit. 3m Dec -20 Average
  MALUS Crab Apple Strathmore: Narrow upright tree. Crimson fls red/purple fruit. 3m Dec -20 Average
  MALUS Crab Apple Van Eseltine: Double scarlet flower, turns pink, yellow fruit. 4m Dec -22 Average
  MALUS Crab Apple Yunnanensis: Lobed leaves turn crimson and orange in autumn, fl white. 4m Dec -22 Average
  NANDINA Chinese Bamboo Chinese Bamboo: New leaves tangled pink, orange red in autumn, hardy. 2m Ev -10 Good
  NYSSA Tupelo Sylvatica: Spectacular autumn colour. 7m Dec -15 Good
  PARROTIA Persian Ironwood Persica: Small tree, autumn colours. 5m Dec -15 Fertile
  PHEBALIUM Satinwood Squameum: Hardy, upright, fast, good screen. 5m Ev -10 Average
  PHOTINA   Red Robin: Fast bushy and red new leaf growth. 4m Ev -16 Average
  PISTACIA   Chinensis: Glossy leaves, autumn colour scarlet, crimson, orange. 5m Dec -14 Good
  PLATINUS Plane Tree Acerifolia: Rapid round head, cream bark, maple leaf. 7m Dec -20 Average
  POPULUS Poplar Flevo: Hybrid, larger leaf, resistant, open bushy. 20m Dec -22 Average
  POPULUS Poplar Lombardy: Narrow upright, gold in autumn. 20m Dec -22 Average
  POPULUS Poplar Salix Hoiland: Ornamental dark leaf. 7m Dec -20 Average
  POPULUS Poplar Tasman: Hybrid open tree, fast hardy. 25m Dec -22 Average
  POPULUS Poplar Tremuloides: Quaking Aspen, small leaves shake in wind, upright. 20m Dec -24 Average
  POPULUS Poplar Yunnanensis: Chinese poplar, ribbed young stem, shiny dark green leaf. 17m Dec -22 Average
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Accolade: Semi double pink, spreading. 5m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Amanogawa: Columnar tree with erect branches, semi dbl shell pink. 6m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Autumnalis Rosa: Semi dbl white flushed pink fl, flowers 4 times a year. 5m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Avium: Muzzard cherry, very hardy, white. 6m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Avium Pendula: White/blush flowers in clusters. 3m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Falling Snow: Weeping white, single flower, bushy. 4m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Kanzan: Pink fully double, good autumn leaf colour. 8m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Kiku Shidare Sakura: Cheals weeping, arching branches, dbl rich pink fl in Oct. 4m Dec -18 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Nigra: Dark purple, black leaves, single pink flower. 4m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Okame: Bright pink fl in profusion, dense. 4m Dec -22 Average
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Padus: Bird cherry, white tassies, almond scented Nov. 5m Dec -20 Average
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Serotina: Glossy leaves turn clear yellow autumn, pure white fl. 7m Dec -20 Average
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Serrula: Himalayan cherry. Shiny brown barls. White fls. 3m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Shimidsu Sakura: H/W pale dbl pink upright. 3m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Shirotae Mt Fuji: Semi double snow white, spreading drooping habit. 5m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Sub. Pendula Rosea: Graceful arching branches, single pink fl. 3.5m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Tako Sago: Reddish bronze foliage. Pale pink semi dbie fls. 4m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Tai Haku: Large single white shade tree, hardy wind. 8m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Ukon: Semi double, rustic pink. 5m Dec -20 Good
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Laurocerasus: Common laurel, strongly scented flower, hedge. 4m Ev -16 Average
  PRUNUS Flowering Cherry Lusitanica: Thick dark green leathery hardy leaf, red stem. 4m Ev -20 Average
  PYRUS   Salicifolia Pendula: Weeping silver pear, silver ribbon foliage, arching. 3m Dec -18 Good
  QUERCUS Saw both oak Acutissima: Bright green leaves. 15m Dec -20 Good
  QUERCUS Turkey Oak Cercis: Large tree, fast growing. 15m Dec -22 Average
  QUERCUS Scarlet Oak Coccinea: Glossy green leaf, scarlet in autumn. 10m Dec -22 Good
  QUERCUS Pin Oak Palustris: Slender branches droop, rich sarlet in autumn. 8m Dec -22 Good
  QUERCUS English Oak Robur: Broad head of rugged branches 10m Dec -22 Average
  QUERCUS Uptight Oak Robur Fastigiata: Narrow, erect, poplar like. 6m Dec -18 Good
  QUERCUS Red Oak Rubra: Dull green leaves turn red. 20m Dec -22 Good
  QUERCUS   Veriabilis: Develops corky bark, chestnut like leaves. 17m Dec -22 Average
  RHODODENDRONS   Assorted: Many colours to choose from. 1-4m Ev -10 Acid
  ROBINIA False Acacia Lace Lady: Twisted and cortorted habit, lacy rich green foliage. 3m Dec -15 Good
  ROBINIA False Acacia Mop Top: Compact thornless fresh green foliage, rounded head. 3m Dec -16 Good
  SALIX Willow Cap. Pend Killmarnock: Grafted weeping pussy willow, mounding. 2.5m Dec -20 Moist
  SALIX Willow Tortulosa: Tortured willow, twisted branches. 6m Dec -20 Moist
  SALIX Willow Vitellina Pendula: Weeping golden, golden yellow arching, graceful, wide. 10m Dec -25 Moist
  SORBUS Rowan Cashmeriana: Small, open habit, fl soft pink in Nov, fruit large white. 5m Dec -20 Average
  SORBUS Rowan Arie Lutescens: Leaves oval, greyish white at first, later green above. 5m Dec -20 Good
  SORBUS Rowan Aucuparia: Red berried rowan, big bunches, white fl in summer. 5m Dec -20 Average
  SORBUS Rowan Hupehensis: Mountain ash, blue/green lvs. White flushed, pink berries. 6m Dec -20 Average
  TILIA Small leafed lime tree Cordata: Fls glossy green in January 4m Dec -25 Good
  TILIA Common lime Europea: Long heart shaped leaves 10m Dec -20 Average
  TILIA Cut leaf lime Platophyllos: Vigorous tree rounded habit. 12m Dec -25 Good
  ULMUS Elm Carpinifolia Variegata: L/W cream and green splashed colour, variegated. 6m Dec -20 Good
  ULMUS Elm Glabra Horizontalis: The best for shade- wide spreading. 4m Dec -20 Any
  ULMUS Weeping Elm Glabra Pendula: Camperdownii umbrella form. 3m Dec -20 Average
  ULMUS Golden Elm Lutescens: Lime green foliage in spring. 6m Dec -22 Average
  ULMUS Chinese Elm Parvifolia: Small, rich, glossy leaves. 8m Dec -12 Average
  VIBURNUM   Burkwoodii: Pink bud, very fragrant, 8cm clusters of white fl. 1.5m Ev -18 Good
  VIBURNUM   Davidii: Leathery leaves, white flowers- useful plant. 1m Ev -15 Good
  VIBURNUM   Mariesii: Abundance of fl gives snow laden effect. 3.5m Dec -18 Good
  VIBURNUM   Opulus Sterile: Graceful, robust, white snow ball flowers. 3m Dec -16 Average
  VIBURNUM   Tinus: Rapid screen, mass of fl, white pink bud, thrives on coast. 3m Dec -18 Average
  ZELKOVA   Serrata: Graceful white spreading habit forming rounded crown. 8m Dec -22 Average
  ZELKOVA   Serrata 'Kiwi Sunset': Golden leaves in spring. 6m Dec -20 Average
  ZELKOVA   Sinca: Chinese flaky bark, rich autumn colour 6m Dec -20 Average