Rural garden design and landscaping

We offer a rural garden design and landscaping service

We offer a rural garden design and landscaping service where Rodney will do a site visit and measure, finding out your ideas including likes and dislikes, favourite trees, etc. If you are too far away you can send us site photos and mesaurements for the plan and Rodney will design a garden for you to fit into your existing environment with unique features you would not have thought possible.

A clever garden design can add substantial value to your property and may be the difference between selling and not selling when the housing market is tight. Rodney is highly experienced in creating garden flow, easy access, shelter and using trees and colour to frame the landscape and house creating a setting for your home with charm, atmosphere and various private living spaces in the garden.

The planning and construction of your garden is done in stages, each stage with its own cost suited to your needs and goals. So you can take one or ten years to achieve the end result, which you know will be of the highest standard.

Contact Rodney to talk about your ideas and arrange a site visit.