Trees in boxes

A tree in a box can be a wonderful addition to a garden

Trees of the World can custom build a box for a tree chosen from our nursery, or you can choose from the pre-boxed trees we have for sale. A tree in a box can be a wonderful addition to a garden, used in a patio or courtyard for shelter or as a screen for privacy. They can also be a central feature in an area where planting a tree would be difficult.

A boxed tree will remain dwarfed, never getting oversized. It does require reguar watering and feeding with a slow-release fertiliser to maintain its health.

Another bonus is that it can be sold on at any time and easily relocate to another owner. A unique aspect of trees is that as they age they also increase in value, with some beautiful 10 - 15 year old trees selling for between $1000 and $3000, even higher for trees over 20 years old. A fast growing tree has less value than a slow-growing species or a rare type. For details see 'Investment Trees'.

Various materials can be used for the box to hold your trees such as plywood, macrocarpa, pine, hardwood or fibre-cement board. They can be sized anywhere from 150mm x 150mm to 2500mm x 3000mm and finished in any colour or stain to suit your environment.

Please contact us for further details.